Real-time control for the ultimate DRIVE-BY-WIRE ENGINE response

Your ultimate outboard motor deserves the ultimate in precision engine control. Suzuki’s Precision Control now has updated drive-by-wire throttle technology for 2022. Discover what we’ve done to create even more responsive real-time controls, and seamless integration with your outboard motor.

Control multiple engines with one lever

The new single-lever feature on the dual binnacle allows you to control from two to six engines with a simple push of a button. When you need easier docking and close-quarter manoeuvring, this innovative new feature enables instant, precise throttle response for better control and accuracy.


S.P.C is a technologically advanced computer-based control system that makes shifting easier and smoother than traditional cable controls. The S.P.C processes and transmits engine commands in real-time. From idle, trolling or wide-open throttle—the precision and instant response of electronic controls provide smooth predictable acceleration for that sports car-like operation.

No-touch automatic trim

Control your ride on the water with two hands firmly on the wheel. When you integrate S.P.C with the Automatic Trim features on the SMG4 or Multi-function Display, you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting your trim. The power tilt and trim settings will automatically adjust to a preset position when the engines reach a designated rpm.


Combined with the Lean Burn Control System, the real-time engine response from Suzuki Precision Control delivers power to your motor in a fraction of the time of mechanical controls. This results in improved fuel economy at a wide range of speeds.

How does the suzuki precision control work?

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