3+3 year Warranty

This is an excerpt of the Warranty Policy from the 3+3 year 4-stroke Suzuki Marine Service and Warranty Manual. For full service and warranty details, please refer to the manual presented to you by your authorised Suzuki Marine Dealer.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Suzuki outboard!

We are delighted to have you join the Suzuki Marine family. 

Our motors are truly unique. There is no other outboard brand like it in the world and we are excited to share our boating made better  philosophy with you – better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value.

This manual has been presented to you by your authorised Suzuki Marine dealer, who no doubt has explained to you the operation of your new outboard and its safety features, plus the terms and conditions of this warranty.

This manual must be kept in a safe, dry place, and is your reference point for the service history of your outboard.

Please ensure that this book is properly completed when your outboard is serviced, as it will verify the outboard’s service history, thereby enhancing the value of your investment.

Should you resell your outboard, please supply this booklet to the next owner as their record of service.

Warranty for recreational usage

DF 4-stroke models (DF2.5 to DF350A)

Suzuki Marine Australia offers customers warranty for any new 4-stroke outboard motors purchased and registered from 1 January 2020 for recreational use.

Years 1–3 Suzuki Motor Corporation
Years 4-6 Haines Suzuki Marine





To be eligible to make a claim under the warranty, owners must have had and continue to have all periodic servicing and all maintenance carried out by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealership.


  • this warranty policy only applies if the outboard is sold and registered by an authorised Suzuki Marine Australia dealership

  • the warranty covers all DF2.5–DF350A 4-stroke models purchased on and after 1 January 2020 (for recreational use only)

  • the outboard must be serviced and maintained at each recommended service interval by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealership, as per the “Scheduled Maintenance and Service Policy” of the Service and Warranty Manual.

  • the service record (contained in the Service and Warranty Manual) must be completed at each service interval and lodged online with Suzuki Marine Australia by the authorised Suzuki Marine dealership.

General warranty conditions


This warranty relates to defects in the manufacture or workmanship of all new Suzuki outboard motors (normal wear and tear excluded). In the event that you become aware of any defects during the period of the warranty, you must immediately disclose the existence of those defects to an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer and provide sufficient information to the dealer for it to verify the details of your purchase. Subject to the terms of this document, the authorised Suzuki Marine dealer will in accordance with directions received from Suzuki Marine Australia either repair or replace the defective part or parts at no charge. 

All repairs to be carried out under this warranty must be carried out by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer. You must, at your own expense, arrange for the delivery and collection of your Suzuki outboard to and from that dealer.

Suzuki Marine Australia will not be liable for any consequential loss, damage, injury or expense arising out of any defect whatsoever in your Suzuki outboard or part thereof, or in connection with the fulfilment of any obligation under warranty.

You should note that Suzuki Motor Corporation reserves its right to change or improve the design of any outboard without assuming any obligations to notify you of those changes or improvements.

There are no Suzuki dealers or other persons that are authorised or permitted to give or make any statement, assertion or undertaking in relation to the quality, performance, characteristics, descriptions or fitness for any purpose of any Suzuki product, or in connection with the supply of any Suzuki product that is at variance with any written statement, assertion, or undertaking on any such subject given or made by Suzuki Marine Australia in its published sales literature, and Suzuki Marine Australia does not accept any liability for any such unauthorised statement/action.

Suzuki Marine Australia will not be liable for any other cost, expense or damage incurred by you while the outboard is out of service during the performance of any warranty, special policy or campaign adjustment work.

All warranty transactions must be completed within the warranty period.

Warranty Policy

Recreational Usage

1. DF 4-stroke models (DF2.5 to DF350A)

Any new Suzuki DF2.5 to DF350A 4-stroke model outboard sold and registered by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer from 1 January 2020, for recreational usage in Australia, is covered for the period of three (3) yearsfrom the date of purchase from an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer in Australia, for defects in materials and/or workmanship, subject to the terms conditions and exclusions contained in pages 9–18 of this manual.

Customers who choose to have all scheduled services (as listed in the Owner’s manual and the Service & Warranty manual) completed by any authorised Suzuki Marine dealership from new will benefit from an additional three (3 + 3) years warranty.

The warranty is limited to the manufacturer’s warranty period for certain parts, supplied with DF2.5 to DF350A model outboards, namely, the following genuine Suzuki Marine parts:

Gauges, remote control boxes, fuel tanks and fuel lines, propeller, outboard wiring looms, outboard and side covers, paint, rubber components, i.e. cooling hoses, tubes and fittings (such as wire/clamps). 

Additional benefits – hard stand storing

We will reimburse you up to a maximum of $250 (upon satisfactory proof of expenditure), per claim per year if your boat has to be removed from the water and re-launched as a consequence of the need to perform work on your new Suzuki outboard pursuant to this warranty – provided that your Suzuki outboard is still in its warranty period.

NOTE: All such work must be carried out by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer and all claims for costs associated with removing and returning your boat from and to the water can only be initiated by the authorised Suzuki Marine dealer carrying out the work.

Components covered by warranty 


Recreational warranty: three (3) years from the date of purchase plus an additional three (3 + 3) years where applicable conditions are satisfied.

The additional three (3) years of this recreational usage warranty are limited to the following components:

Power head components

  • Crankshaft
  • Piston & rings
  • Crankcase components
  • Engine oil seals
  • C.D.I unit
  • Cylinder head components
  • Oil pump assembly
  • Ignition coil
  • Camshaft
  • Valves & springs
  • Magneto assembly
  • Fuel pump assembly (diaphragm type only)

Engine mid-section

  • Swivel bracket
  • Clamp bracket
  • Steering bracket
  • Power trim & tilt assembly

Lower transmission

  • Drive shaft housing
  • Pinion gear set
  • Drive shaft

The term of the warranty on replacement components used in warranty rectification work will be the period of time equivalent to the balance of the term of the original warranty on the outboard yet to expire.

Warranty limitations and exclusions

This warranty does not apply or extend to:

  1. any outboard motor which has been subjected to misuse, competition (including racing), negligence, alterations, accidents, fitting of non-authorised parts or accessories;
  2. any routine service work over and above the repair and replacement of defective parts;
  3. an outboard:
    1. that has not been operated in accordance with the requirements of the Suzuki Owner’s Manual; or
    2. in respect of which specified service checks are not carried out at the intervals listed on the Service Record pages of this manual or online by an authorised Suzuki dealership.
  4. normal service and regular maintenance procedures necessitated by normal usage, such as outboard tuning, fuel system adjustment, parts or repairs made necessary by normal usage, i.e. normal wearing parts like spark plugs, fuses, carbon brushes, fuel and oil filters, rubber parts (except oil seals), bolts, nuts, pins and screws;
  5. the expense of returning the outboard motor to an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer and the expense incurred by that dealer in returning the outboard motor to you;
  6. removal of the motor from the boat and subsequent re-installation, mechanic’s travel time and in/out-of-water charges;
  7. growth of marine organisms on motor;
  8. use of fuels, lubricants and fuel/oil mixtures other than those recommended by the Suzuki Motor Corporation and/or identified in the specifications;
  9. water entering the outboard via the fuel system, exhaust system or through submersion;
  10. operating the outboard at RPM other than as specified, due to improper propeller selection or misuse;
  11. damage as a result of accidents, collisions or contact with foreign objects;
  12. normal wear and tear including deterioration;
  13. damage or failure as a result of corrosion caused by stray current, or outside galvanic activities, such as application of copper-based antifouling paint (moored boats);
  14. the failure of any parts caused by lack of cooling water resulting from starting the outboard out of the water, or by foreign material blocking the water inlets, or by the outboard mounted too high on the boat’s transom, or by the outboard being installed in a location or position that prevents, obstructs or interrupts the required flow of water to the cooling system;
  15. the installation of any devices altering the original design and operation of the engine including but not limited to heat exchangers, hydrofoils and trim tabs; or
  16. any model DF2.5–DF350A purchased and registered prior to January 1 2020;
  17. the initial installation and all of the pre-delivery and service inspections must be completed by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer. All servicing must be completed as scheduled in the Owner’s Manual and is at the Owner’s cost. If the service inspections are completed outside of the authorised Suzuki Marine dealer network, then this warranty will be reduced to three (3) years;
  18. both the dealer and the Owner must ensure that the Service Schedule, contained in this manual, has been completed and submitted to Suzuki Marine Australia. This includes and is not limited to electronic lodgement by an authorised Suzuki dealership and the completion and signing of the service schedule in this manual;
  19. genuine or pre-approved Suzuki parts, accessories, lubricants and fluids are to be used in all servicing and repair work. The use or installation of non-genuine or non-approved parts or accessories or fluids or lubricants will reduce the warranty period to three (3) years;
  20. the transfer of this warranty from the original purchaser to a subsequent owner is possible by having the motor inspected by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer and requesting the dealer to submit a transfer of registration form to Suzuki Marine Australia within 30 days. If the terms of this clause are not complied with strictly, then this warranty will be reduced to three (3) years; 
  21. warranty is not available for any items purchased at auction, from an online site where product was not originally purchased from or imported by Suzuki Marine Australia or from an insurance company where they are damaged, have been written off or repaired.


  1. the correct propeller must be installed to match the boat application so that the outboard can operate at correctly specified RPM;
  2. during the servicing of your new outboard, the propeller will be removed and inspected for damage to the blade area;
  3. propellers are subject to various underwater hazards. Damage from such hazards is your responsibility.

Corrosion warranty

  1. as part of this warranty, Suzuki Marine Australia offers an additional warranty against corrosion on parts and assemblies rendered in-operative on condition that:
    1. the replacement of sacrificial anodes, specified lubrication procedures, protection coating (including the repair of scratches and nicks to paint work) are carried out on a regular basis;
    2. regular scheduled maintenance inspections and procedures are conducted by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer at the times required by this manual and details of those inspections and procedures are recorded in the Service Record pages of this manual in accordance with the requirements specified;
    3. all simple precautionary steps listed in this Service and Warranty Manual, are carried out in the manner specified.
  2. The corrosion warranty does not cover:
    1. electrical system corrosion;
    2. corrosion due to marine growth;
    3. corrosion of accessories, instruments and steering systems;
    4. corrosion caused by electrolysis;
    5. improper installation;
    6. corrosion resulting from damage, abuse, improper use or improper servicing; or
    7. corrosion caused by or resulting from the use of products not imported or supplied by Suzuki Marine Australia.


This warranty is provided by The Haines Group Pty Ltd ATF The Haines Group Trust ABN 62 868 567 262 trading as Suzuki Marine Australia.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. you have read and had the opportunity to seek advice this document prior to purchasing your Suzuki outboard and you consider it to be fair and reasonable having regard to its subject matter;
  2. before signing this document, you satisfied yourself, relying solely upon your own judgement, as to the condition, suitability and specifications of the Suzuki outboard you purchased and its fitness for your intended purposes;
  3. Suzuki Marine Australia has not given any warranty or made any representations to you regarding your new Suzuki outboard or its use other than representations and warranties expressly made in writing in this document;
  4. Suzuki Marine Australia has not given any warranties as to the use of your new Suzuki outboard and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary certificates of registration, licences, permissions and approvals to use your new Suzuki outboard in the manner and for the purposes you intend;
  5. all warranties, guarantees and conditions, other than those set out in this document, and whether implied by statute, common law, custom or otherwise are to the extent that the law permits, expressly excluded; and
  6. to the extent that any implied condition or warranty on the part Suzuki Marine Australia cannot be excluded, Suzuki Marine Australia’s liability for breach of any such condition or warranty is limited (but only to the extent permitted by law) at Suzuki Marine Australia ‘s discretion to carrying out the work again, replacing your new Suzuki outboard, repairing your new Suzuki outboard or paying a third party to repair it.

Obtaining warranty coverage


A warranty claim can be made by delivering your defective outboard to your nearest authorised Suzuki Marine dealer. Location of your nearest authorised Suzuki Marine dealer can be found by visiting the following website address: suzukimarine.com.au/find-a-dealer/

The dealership will carry out an inspection of the outboard before submitting an electronic warranty claim to us, Suzuki Marine Australia.

The dealership may require you to provide the following details before the electronic warranty claim is submitted:

  • a detailed description of the issue and/or complaint giving rise to your warranty claim;
  • your name, address and contact phone number (include the best time to contact you during business hours AEST);
  • the model and serial number of your outboard;
  • boat make and size;
  • propeller pitch (size);
  • present hours of operation;
  • normal use and approximate gross load;
  • date of purchase of outboard;
  • oil usage and type if known;
  • your dealer’s name and location;
  • complete service history; and
  • any other details which you consider are relevant to your claim.

Genuine Suzuki Marine parts and accessories

Parts and accessories

Suzuki Marine Australia strongly recommends you keep it real by using genuine Suzuki Marine parts and accessories, which are built to the highest standards of quality and performance, and are designed to fit your outboard’s exact specifications.

While non-genuine parts may be available in the market place, the use of such parts and accessories may affect the outboard’s performance and shorten its useful life. Installation of non-genuine parts and accessories will reduce this warranty to a period of three (3) years.

Suzuki Marine oils


The ultimate outboard motor deserves the ultimate oil and Suzuki Marine offers the right blend of lubricants to give the required protection to the Suzuki outboard range. Suzuki’s engine oil was developed in conjunction with Motul – a partnership the spans over 20 years. The oils are designed to meet the demands of Suzuki’s high performance motors but are the perfect blend to optimise your outboard’s performance, whether you have a 2.5hp or 350hp model.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) recommends FC-WTM oil for outboards and this has been verified and approved by Suzuki Marine, Japan.

Choosing Suzuki Marine oil will mean less wear on your engine. The anticorrosion properties cause the oil to cling to the internal working parts of your engine which in turn protects them. When you drop your oil each service, the oil will be in better condition and so will your engine. Protect your investment with Suzuki Marine oil.

FC-WTM background

  • Meets specifications for emission and fuel economy targeted by NMMA.
  • Satisfies engine testing for dedicated marine outboard applications.
  • Simulates real engine operation to check whether oils can sustain film thickness.
  • Reflects actual marine outboard engine operation in the specification of FC-W.
  • More focus on marine engine design, corrosion protection with salty water.
  • Sustainable capability of oil film thickness.

General tips and advice

What to do if your outboard is stolen

If your outboard motor has been stolen, your first point of contact should be the Police. Supply key information such as model, outboard serial number and your contact details. You should then contact your local authorised Suzuki Marine dealer. Once the information has been received, an alert will be sent to all authorised Suzuki Marine dealers within Australia with “A stolen outboard bulletin”. This may aid in the recovery of your stolen outboard.

Removing the outboard from the boat

Smaller model outboards can be removed from the boat for security, storage and service purposes. When the outboard is removed from the boat, it must be stowed in an upright position until all water from the cooling and water pump system has drained. This will reduce the possibility of water entering the cylinder through the exhaust ports or valves.

Always store the outboard in the upright position so that the power head is higher than the lower transmission.

Outboard security line attachment

There is a security line attachment point on the transom clamp on selected smaller model outboards. It is recommended that a securing line (not included with your new outboard), be fixed to the boat’s transom and the clamp of the outboard to prevent the loss of the outboard, should the outboard be detached from the boat’s transom for any of the following reasons:

  • boat transom structural failure;
  • failure to mount the outboard securely;
  • failure to periodically check the clamp screws for tightness; or
  • striking an underwater obstacle at high speed.

For the purposes of the preceding two clauses of this document the expression “smaller model outboards” means outboards from 2.5hp outboards up to and including 30hp outboards.


Ensuring that the security line is of adequate length is your sole responsibility.

If the outboard was to dislodge from the transom, a security line that is not long enough to allow the outboard to submerge and stop running may cause the outboard to rebound back into your boat damaging your boat and/or possibly causing injury to you and/or your boat’s occupants.

Servicing your outboard

Pre-delivery inspection service

The pre-delivery inspection is provided by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer before you take delivery of your new Suzuki outboard to ensure that you enjoy the safe and reliable operation of your new outboard.

Periodic service

To maintain the reliability and prolong the life of your new Suzuki outboard, periodic maintenance should be carried out by an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer according to the periodic maintenance schedule contained in the Owner’s Manual and at the Service Record pages of this document.

Daily inspection and daily care

Details of recommended daily inspections and general care for your outboard are contained in the Owner’s Manual. It is important to adhere to the recommendations contained in your manual as that will assist in prolonging the life of your new outboard and in ensuring safe boating.

Checklist for safe boating before each trip

  • Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank for your trip.
  • Inspect the condition of the battery terminals.
  • Check to see if the outboard is securely attached to the boat’s transom.
  • Inspect the propeller for damage – it is advisable to carry a spare.
  • Check outboard oil level.
  • Ensure you have your emergency starter rope and safety lanyard on board.
  • Upon starting your outboard, ensure that the cooling system is operating and that you can see water coming from the telltale outlet.
  • Always advise a friend and, where applicable, Coast Guard, Volunteer Marine Rescue or relevant authorities, of your planned route and approximate return time.

Non-scheduled maintenance servicing

Outlined in your Owner’s Manual are the scheduled servicing requirements for your new Suzuki outboard. In some circumstances, your outboard may operate in severe conditions where high-speed operation is required or the operating conditions are harsh.

Where these situations may occur, contact the Service Department of your authorised Suzuki Marine dealer who will be able to tailor a service schedule for you to suit your new Suzuki outboard’s specific operating requirements.

General cleaning & care of your new Suzuki outboard

  1. After using your Suzuki outboard in salt water, it is important to flush the motor with fresh water. The procedure for flushing your outboard is detailed in your Suzuki Owner’s Manual.
  2. When washing your Suzuki outboard after use, use a mild soap wash or detergent with fresh water and remove all salt and grime from the outboard.
  3. If the paint has been scratched or damaged during use, carefully touch up the affected area with genuine Suzuki paint available from your authorised Suzuki Marine dealer.

We recommend the use of genuine Suzuki Marine Parts and Accessories. Failure to adhere to the above-mentioned recommendations will reduce this warranty to three (3) years.